At Bonita Farm our racing division is devoted you and your horses in a way that is both personalized and unique, made possible by our own first-class facilities for breaking, training, and boarding. These include a 5/8 mile dirt track, 1/2 mile turf course, an indoor track, ample paddock space for turnouts, as well as a 30-foot wide turf course around the entire farm. Our Steeplechase Division also boasts timber and brush training courses and we are ideally located for competition in all of the country’s biggest race meets.

Horses at Bonita Farm are able to enjoy the tranquility of life away from the racetrack, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability at the track on race day. And with the East Coast’s best racetracks within vanning distance horses ship to the track and return to their home on the farm the same day.

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